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Finals or How It Is Living In Studyland


Hello readers!

I am now spending my time covered in books. Books called ‘short textbooks’, but I’m not really sure if you can use the word ‘short’ when it’s over 700 pages. I can’t say I’m well-prepared for my exams, so I’m hoping that I have (a whole lot of) luck. And I will study ’til I fall asleep the next days.

Weird stuff that happens to you when you study:

1. Your neighbours say ‘So at least you get out of your apartment once’ when you lend them something and step out of your front door.

2. You don’t wash your hair and look funny. (I actually think gross-ish would be more accurate.)

3. You buy a lot of food so you don’t have to leave your apartment. (Your neighbours kind of had a point)

4. Somebody asks you to go out and you check the day of the week, realise it’s friday and then still say: ‘Sorry, can’t. Studying’

5. You can’t remember the last time you were out or drank alcohol.

6. People start to accept that you’re studying and don’t text you anymore. (When I switch my phone back on and there are no missed texts or calls, I feel kind of lonely)

7. You go over to your neighbours, come back and realise you had a pencil stuck in your ponytail.

8. You get really excited about ‘After-the-exams’-plans. You can finally do what you want again.

9. You have post-it’s everywhere. Some are motivationg (‘Put everything in the attempt’) and some not (‘No, just no!’ in front of your DVD collection)

10. You are making a lot of index cards. Index cards are a cry for help! At least when you’re me, I only make them when my hope of passing is almost gone.

11. You post on wordpress about studying, so obviously you’re not studying and you start feeling ashamed of that fact.

Have a nice (hopefully study-free!) weekend, B. 🙂


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